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“Chuck Konkel has consistently shown himself to have the courage to face adversity and to do the right thing because it is right.�

Senator Con Di Nino




“I have been in book publishing for 25 years- no one has ever managed under their own steam to attract as much additional media and publicity around a book or an idea as did Chuck Konkel... "

Ed Carson President, Penguin Group (Canada) past president of Harper Collins (Canada).




“Chuck Konkel is an extremely ethical and highly motivated individual…�

June Rowlands, former Mayor of Toronto




“Chuck is an academic with a distinguished record of concrete achievement and accomplishment�

Stanley Hartt former Chief of Staff PMO



“Chuck Konkel has the intelligence, drive, determination and strength of character to see things through, regardless of the obstacles. He is a highly principled and ethical individual who I know will work hard to insure that 'integrity in Government' becomes a fundamental standard of conduct, rather than the meaningless phrase which it appears to be today."

Bette M. Stephenson MD, former Deputy Premier of Ontario


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